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The company has been operating for a few years and during this time the pool of loyal customers has grown and we always strive to focus on their needs and convenience and view this as our top priority. Customers approach us for various needs and we respond by regular supplements of the range of our goods, materials and products to ensure that we can always offer appropriate solutions to every customer. The range of goods and services is very broad, thus you can be sure to find what you need.

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The importance of metalworking has grown noteworthily these days, as both entrepreneurs and homeowners need it – everyone who builds or manufactures something is faced with the need to use a wide variety of metal products.
Company ADM Solutions offers its customers a wide range of metalworking services: from milling, turning operations, waterjet cutting to laser cutting and welding. The metalworking is carried out under the guidance of experienced professionals, which ensures process control and adherence to high quality standards for each order. Metal processing is carried out in different ways. Professional consultation will help you choose the service you need.

Welding services include MIG / MAG welding, TIG welding and MMA welding. Welding work offered by the company ADM Solutions is the correct choice of welding method for each type of metal, resulting in the maximum efficiency of processing the customer’s material. We carry out welding of various types of steel, aluminum and other metals. Metalworking orders often include milling and turning operations. Due to the high quality and reasonable prices, these two types of metalworking have become one of the most sought-after services of the company ADM Solutions over the past years.

For clients who need non-standard size or specific parts, turning operations are suitable. Turning operations make it possible to ensure high accuracy in the manufacture of various parts according to the customer’s instructions. In addition, we can re-manufacture a part according to a sample of an old, time-expired part. The size and complexity of the details of the project being executed is not a problem, because the entire turning process is automated, so we are able to fulfill the most unusual orders. For customers who need to produce a large number of metal parts in a relatively short time, milling is suitable. With the help of modern milling machines, we can produce many parts of complex shapes in a short time, so milling will be the right choice for customers whose specific orders lie in their volume. The metalworking services offered by the company ADM Solutions also include waterjet cutting, the main advantage of which compared to other types of metalworking is that it can process both metals and other materials that are usually very sensitive to high temperatures. Metalworking with a high-pressure water jet makes it possible to ensure high accuracy of cuts and shapes of the metal you have chosen.

Laser cutting combines all the best qualities of metalworking. With this type of metalworking, the project is carried out in the shortest possible time, and its final result will be accurate and of high quality. The laser metalworking process takes place in the presence of professionals who help to complete the assigned tasks correctly and ensure high quality. After the laser cutting procedure, there is no need for further processing of the shearings, which leads to even greater time savings for both the manufacturer and the client, since projects are implemented in a much shorter time.


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